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Automotive Seating

Innovative Car Seat Metals and Mechanisms

Johnson Controls makes metal components, mechanisms and structures for every kind of automotive seat. We design, manufacture and assemble car seats using industry-leading capabilities and technology — and provide automakers a single source for all their metal and mechanism needs. We can accommodate changing customer requirements quickly and cost-effectively, even during production. 

Our offerings include: 

A Comprehensive Product Line
  • Structures feature low mass and high strength for front seats and rear seats.
  • Recliners include standard power and manual units with customized adapters for front seats, rear seats and every market segment.
  • Tracks feature low mass and high performance.
  • Height adjusters include manual and power units that allow optimum safety and comfort.
  • Latches deliver high levels of occupant protection.
Modular Design
Our standardized core structures, parts and processes are:
  • Cost competitive and high quality.
  • Easily scalable, and adaptable to different makes, models and market segments.

Global Solutions
  • We deliver high quality around the world to support automakers' global vehicle platforms.
Research Development and Innovation
  • We offer consumer and market trend research for early development of next-generation metals solutions.
Total Vertical Integration
  • We deliver complete in-house capabilities from concept to final product.
  • Deep component- and system-level engineering and manufacturing ensure flawless car seat performance.