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Special pricing ends September 30

Upgrade your Metasys system today with one of these promotions, exclusively for current customers – and be ready for the next major system release. Let us help you determine the most cost-effective upgrade option.

Promotions end September 30, 2018

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Why open APIs matter

Here’s a clip from our recent integrations webinar on why your building automation system should offer open application programming interfaces (APIs). It also includes a first look at the new Metasys API, offered in the next major release.

Our exclusive sneak preview of the next major Metasys release demos the new API and other exciting features. Join us October 17.

Georgia Pacific building
Case Study Georgia Pacific

Georgia-Pacific headquarters to use new Metasys integrations.
See what the future holds for your building.

Converging building systems find their intelligent backbone in the Metasys building automation system. See how we’re enabling the digital transformation of the Georgia-Pacific headquarters building – and what powerful new integrations can mean for you.

building integrations technology with lights and temperature controls and cameras
The measurable rewards of intelligent coordination

Imagine monitoring fire alarms through your BAS interface. Saving energy with dynamic occupancy information. Saving time with faster installations. Saving money by eliminating sensing redundancies. See how the next major Metasys release integrates with lighting, security, fire protection and other systems more easily than ever, with rewards that directly affect your bottom line.