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AHR 2017
Under Any Roof

Keep the people in any building, residence or campus healthy, secure and productive with integrated solutions from Johnson Controls. Explore our newest products for optimizing building performance, and learn how you can get the best value for your time and money…because everything you need under (or on top of) your roof is under ours.

Visit us in the Center Hall, under the blue roof.

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Smart Connected Chillers Featuring New Customer Dashboard
Smart Connected Chillers uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to make it easier to stay on top of chiller maintenance. With data available anywhere, remote monitoring and diagnostics allow service technicians to proactively tackle potential issues before they become problems.  The new Customer Dashboard allows chiller plant operators to access chiller data from PC and mobile devices.
Triton Grease Viper
The Grease Viper™ series is designed to treat grease, smoke, and odor emissions from exhaust ducts on commercial cooking applications. The agency listed designs allow for side-wall discharge in compliance with NFPA 96 criteria – minimizing both ductwork and the associated inspection and cleaning costs.    
YORK EcoAdvance
The YORK EcoAdvance technology enables new and existing buildings to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy costs. The Proprietary technology captures molecular contaminants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Formaldehyde (HCHO) etc., and conditions the air. The intelligent, self-cleaning unit purges contaminants out of the building via exhaust by sensing non-peak occupancy within a building. Smart Sensors continuously monitor system performance and air quality inside the building. Integrated controls manage the inflow of the outside air into the building, which helps reduce HVAC energy costs substantially.

The BlueStream hybrid cooling system that optimizes the use of two cooling technologies in a single operating system. Used in conjunction with a traditional cooling tower, the BlueStream hybrid cooling system can reduce water consumption by up to 80%. The system’s modular design is highly scalable, with the ability to add multiple units in parallel to handle the largest power plants.
Metasys® Building Automation System

The latest Metasys® building automation system release features new, modern graphics for better visualization and faster troubleshooting and enhanced security to ensure protected, encrypted communications.

Verasys™ Controls System
Verasys is the first plug-and-play controls system for the light commercial market. The simple way to keep environments comfortable, productive and safe. Verasys leverages Smart Equipment™ from any manufacturer and lets you configure a vast array controls without any special programming tools. Technology that makes equipment smarter and buildings better.
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