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What makes Metasys® the world's smartest building automation system?

See how the latest Metasys features boost productivity and extend system life. Upgrade now to Metasys 8.1—bundling in subscription and support agreements to automatically receive future enhancements.

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New Ways to Excel
The intuitive graphical interface makes navigation easy on any device, with real-time views of a single floor or even a single office, for fast status checks and immediate response. No software installation required—and building operators can work anywhere in the facility, on campus or around the world.
Better Tools to Control Comfort
Modern, photo-realistic graphics provide better visualization and faster troubleshooting. The alarm manager feature speeds prioritizing with quick identification, easy sorting and bulk response. Convenient scheduling features let operators see system impact, make adjustments and add exceptions across multiple schedules.
Everything to Maximize ROI
Everything to Maximize ROI
Better BACnet® support increases interoperability and enables future expansions, reducing the risk of obsolescence and extending building automation system life. Enhanced IT security features – like HTTPS for device-to-device security and a new hardened engine solution for the highest security demands – mitigate risk to building systems and protect your investment.
Experience the Latest
Experience the Latest Metasys Right Now
Take this self-guided tour of the Metasys user interface to experience two common building operations scenarios: starting a shift and responding to a hot call.

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Keep Occupants Safe, Comfortable and Productive