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Refrigerant Reservoir

The Latest News and Insights on Refrigerants in Building Equipment and Applications

With new concerns over global warming potential and changing legislation regarding the use of refrigerants in different applications, it can be challenging to understand what changes might impact your buildings. The Refrigerant Reservoir is here to be your resource, with news, insights and expert advice on what you need to know about the changing landscape of refrigerants to keep your building equipment safe, efficient and up-to-date throughout it's life.

Johnson Controls answers your questions on the HFC Amendment Agreement on the Montreal Protocol and how it impacts HVACR refrigerants
Monday, September 26, 2016, the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced the much anticipated SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) final ruling for chillers that use HFC refrigerants. Here is a quick summary of the ruling, its impact, and what to do today.

Refrigerant Resources

Refrigerants: Changes are coming

Today, future refrigerant options are being discussed, alternative refrigerants are under development, and more changes are coming. Facility managers who educate themselves now will be in a better position to make the best equipment choices in the future based on refrigerant safety, efficiency, reliability, cost, and availability.

Podcast: Refrigerants - What's happening in 2016 and beyond

Refrigerants are making headlines due to changing policies and concerns over greenhouse gas emissions and global warming potential. Listen to learn more about what changes are in store, how manufacturers are responding to policy changes, and what building owners and operators need to know.

Chiller Refrigerants: A Time to Stay the Course
Last year, regulators around the world began proposing reductions and limits on several established refrigerants, including the widely used HFC-134a (also called R-134a). This caused a flurry of questions in our industry, specifically: What’s the best refrigerant choice for high-capacity chillers and other HVAC equipment?
Refrigerant Guiding Principles

Today the industry is trying to navigate an ever-changing, complex refrigerant landscape. Where will the current patchwork of evolving codes and regulations lead? What refrigerants will eventually be adopted as the new global standard? And until those questions are answered, how will you make well-informed decisions when buying or maintaining HVAC equipment? 

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