Integrating systems for the World's Tallest Building

Johnson Controls completes massive project to make the world’s tallest building intelligent, efficient, safe and comfortable

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At 828 meters and 160 stories, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest building. Height isn’t the only large number. The building contains 899 residential apartments, 38 corporate suite floors, 18 hotel floors and 60 elevators. Johnson Controls was hired to integrate the entire structure’s intelligent building systems – an incredibly large and complex assignment.


A massive effort to bring all building systems together

A specially assembled multi-skill Johnson Controls team was up to the challenge. Over the last three years, they have supplied, installed and commissioned the infrastructure, cabling and equipment for systems including:


  • Security
  • Voice and data network
  • Audio Visual
  • Communications
  • Home automation
  • Wi-fi for the entire tower


The team installed more than 180,000 meters of optical fiber cable, 2.1 million meters of other cables, 1,700 cameras, 4,349 card readers and 2,580 touch pads.


A major challenge in a project of this size was coordinating with all the participants. “We had to interface with multiple contractors and vendors. That was a massive job,” said Johnson Controls project director Mohan Vathumalai.


The world’s tallest building is now one of the world’s safest and most comfortable, too

Johnson Controls delivered building system integration that makes Burj Khalifa occupants extremely comfortable and safe while saving the building owner money. For example, by integrating all the video cameras, communications and security systems and the automation that goes with them, it doesn’t take thousands of personnel to make the Burj Khalifa one of the world’s most secure buildings.


The customer is so pleased that they awarded Johnson Controls a multi-year maintenance contract along with change orders to update technology, such as replacing existing touch screen panels with iPads in the apartments and hotel rooms.


 “A key to our success was the amount of planning and attention to detail,” Vathumalai said.  “Plus, we were completely upfront with the customer on costs, deliverables and expectations and did exactly what we said we would do. That greatly enhanced customer satisfaction.”