Lightweight, renewable solution for vehicle interiors

CHyM process technology developed through years of evolution and innovation

Johnson Controls, a global leader in automotive interiors and electronics, debuted its lightweight and renewable Compression Hybrid Molding (CHyM) process technology in a door panel substrate component at the 2013 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.


“With years of experience in natural fiber solutions, we continue to produce products that meet the changing needs of our customers and the industry,” said Han Hendriks, vice president, Advanced Product Development for Johnson Controls’ Automotive Electronics & Interiors. “CHyM is the latest example of our efforts to develop and differentiate ourselves in the industry through sustainable and innovative lightweight technology.”


The CHyM process technology integrates the advantages of both natural fiber and thermoplastics, allowing these technologies to be positioned exactly where they are needed for maximum product performance. A unique manufacturing process also contributes to the overall value of CHyM.


Additional benefits of the process technology include a 40 percent weight reduction compared to traditional polypropylene; an increase in stability through the combination of natural fiber and glass-filled polypropylene. CHyM provides among the highest strength-to-weight ratio when compared to products in the same cost category, a 30 percent increase in product stiffness and improved assembly to the body-in-white and part-to-part craftsmanship.