Executive Involvement & Steering Program

Program fosters growing participation in community service worldwide

Many companies encourage their leaders to volunteer and serve communities where they have a presence. What sets Johnson Controls apart from other companies are the robust tools and resources that are available to enable, facilitate and document that volunteer service.

Case in point: The Executive Involvement & Steering Program. 

This program, introduced in 2008 and launched globally in January 2012, encourages company leaders around the world to share their expertise by serving on boards of directors, chairing fundraising campaigns and providing thought leadership to organizations that support the arts, education, health and social services, and the environment.

While our company leaders have a long history of involvement with civic and public service organizations, this program provides resources for them to be able to find organizations whose goals and needs fit their talents and expertise and where they can do the most good. We also provide a global online tool for them to document their service so that we are able to include the collective information in  the company’s business and philanthropic reporting.

Response to a growing need

In the program’s first year, 70 Johnson Controls leaders participated. Since then, over 400 leaders have volunteered more than 50,000 hours of service.  This is an increase in participation of over 500 percent.

This program meets a growing need for thought leadership in local communities by providing our leaders with opportunities to serve, through board and community participation.