Executive Involvement

Building Efficiency President Dave Myers volunteers to help local hospital and research center pursue their mission of improving pediatric medicine

Dave Myers, vice president and president, Johnson Controls Building Efficiency, volunteers his time and expertise serving on the boards of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and the Children’s Research Institute. These separate but affiliated entities share a mission about which he cares deeply.


“I believe in their goal of ensuring that we have the healthiest children possible,” Myers said. “I feel that way as a parent, but also as a representative of Johnson Controls. Improving the health of our children is a fundamental way we can make a positive difference in our community.”


Advancing pediatric medicine and research

Children’s Hospital is one of the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals and one of the busiest, caring for nearly 350,000 infants, children and adolescents in 2011 alone. They work to improve medical treatment and outcomes. They focus on reducing infant mortality and seeing that children get proper vaccinations and treatments early to avoid illness later on. 


The Children’s Research Institute advances pediatric research. They conduct clinical trials and help secure grants for doctors and researchers to continue their efforts to improve pediatric medicine.


As a board member, Myers advises both organizations on how to improve processes and productivity to facilitate the delivery of quality pediatric care while reducing overall healthcare costs.


Encouraging volunteerism among leaders

Myers believes it is important that company leaders lend their time and talents to improve local communities. “When you see leadership dedicating personal time to worthwhile causes, it sends a strong message about the priority we place on being involved in communities where we have a presence.” he said.


He also underscores the importance of the Executive Involvement & Steering Program:  "A program like this that promotes and facilitates volunteerism among our leaders reinforces what we as a company are all about and our ability to make a difference," Myers said.