The YVAA variable-speed, air-cooled screw chiller (left) and the YVWA variable-speed, water-cooled chiller, both by YORK®, recently won awards from prestigious trade journals.

Award-winning chillers

Two YORK® chillers, manufactured by Johnson Controls, have won awards from prestigious trade journals. 


The award-winning chillers are sister designs: the YVAA chiller is a variable-speed, air-cooled screw chiller, while the YVWA chiller is a variable-speed, water-cooled chiller.


The YVAA chiller won the 2012 HVAC Product of the Year award from Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine.


In presenting the award, the magazine said: "The YORK YVAA air-cooled, variable-speed screw chiller is manufactured by Johnson Controls for efficiency, reduced sound and sustainability.  The chiller offers flexible energy consumption, with efficiencies up to 11.6 EER and an option to configure an integrated part load value up to 19.8 EER.  Its variable-speed design enables low kW/ton at both full-load design and off-design conditions. The SilentNight feature works with the programmable control to optimize for sound performance by load-limiting the chiller. This chiller uses a refrigerant with no ozone-depletion potential and no phase-out date. A falling-film evaporator and a microchannel condenser coil reduce refrigerant charge.”


The YVWA chiller won the 2012 Dealer Design silver award from Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration NEWS magazine. 


The magazine said: "The Johnson Controls YORK® YVWA variable-speed, water-cooled screw chiller has a variable-speed drive that saves energy during the 99 percent of operating hours spent at off-design conditions, when building loads and/or tower-water temperatures are lower. It increases sustainability by using HFC-134a refrigerant, and the design reduces the number of potential leak points by 35 percent, said the company. Because the YVWA screw chiller is capable of handling a higher pressure lift than a centrifugal chiller, it can be used in both thermal-storage and heat-pump applications, while delivering the highest efficiencies available, the manufacturer stated."