Creating the ultimate end user experience

As a leading automotive interior supplier, Johnson Controls produces stylish, comfortable, and functional products that significantly differentiate vehicles and attract car buyers.

Broad product and process portfolio
Johnson Controls helps OEM customers enhance the user experience with instrument panels, floor consoles, door panels, overhead systems, and overhead consoles that offer superior quality, craftsmanship, color, and consistency.


  • Superior surfaces
    From high-end cut & sewn wrapped leather, to foils, slush skins and injection molding, our surface materials enhance the brand identity and consumer appeal of any model or class of vehicle.
  • Sustainable solutions
    With decades of experience, we’re the market leader in developing natural, renewable, lightweight materials, such as natural fiber carrier materials for interior components that look stylish, are eco-friendly, and enhance fuel efficiency.
  • Unique innovative lighting effects
    By combining our innovative capabilities in lighting, electronics, and surfaces, we create unique visual effects that personalize automotive interiors while improving occupants’ comfort levels. 


Experience, expertise and up front collaboration
Johnson Controls is an automotive interior supplier for every OEM in the world. Those who involve us up front benefit from our extensive consumer research to guide product development and our ability to design products that can be manufactured more easily, consistently and cost effectively.

Global support
Johnson Controls has an extensive global manufacturing footprint and management leaders who support our customers’ global vehicle strategies. We share best practices and standardize processes across our facilities to deliver the same high quality to OEM manufacturers wherever they produce their cars, anywhere in the world.


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