Manufacturing Operations

We invest in business practices that are as innovative as the products we manufacture

In the automotive industry, craftsmanship and quality are essential.

With more than 260 manufacturing locations worldwide, Johnson Controls facilities are strategically located to serve our customers in a just-in-time environment.

At all of our plants, the key to consistent operations is the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System. This system reflects the uniform manner in which we apply lean thinking to our manufacturing process. It extends from incoming parts to the final products assembled into our customers' vehicles. The entire operations team is responsible for taking waste out of the system and streamlining manufacturing and logistics processes.

Tools and systems – including standardized work, Six Sigma, quick changeover, one piece flow, Kaizen, and 5S – are fundamental in achieving and maintaining the levels of craftsmanship and consistency that our customers demand.
  • All Johnson Controls manufacturing facilities across the globe are quality-certified to the Automotive International Standard TS 16949.
  • The Global Business Operating System, based on Best Practices, makes it possible for all plants to operate in virtually identical ways
As demonstrated throughout our new demonstrator ie:3, Inspired Efficiency moves beyond current knowledge and expectations to explore intriguing new possibilities.
We operate several development centers around the world with dedicated space to develop state-of-the-art product technologies.