Automotive Metal Structures and Mechanisms

Metals and Mechanisms featuring industry-leading technology, quality and performance

Johnson Controls creates world-class seat metal components and systems with precision manufacturing to offer reduced mass and increased value.

Johnson Controls provides OEM customers superior automotive and truck seat metal components, structures and mechanisms – everything from recliners, tracks, adjusters, latches and frames, stand alone or integrated, to complete seating systems.

With the addition of the entrepreneurial spirit and world-class capabilities of CRH and KEIPER to those of Johnson Controls, we offer customers industry-leading technologies, deep engineering and manufacturing expertise, performance enhancing innovations and a compelling product portfolio for virtually every global platform, vehicle and region worldwide.

Modularity, standardization and reuse
By using modular designs and standard interfaces, we produce high quality metal structures with increased efficiency and functionality. Our approach reduces mass and time to market, while ensuring high craftsmanship and optimized package size.

Close collaboration
We work closely with our customers well before a single product is manufactured or a program is launched. By doing so, we are able to provide our customers with the best designed products for superior performance. Our combination of design excellence, product reliability and efficiency enables our customers to successfully launch on time.

Innovative solutions
Our increased vertical integration results in technology, advanced development and engineering capabilities that drive differing innovations. The result is new ways to reduce weight and size, increase flexibility, enhance functionality, improve quality, and make seat mechanisms easier to operate.

Worldwide service and support

With our global network of R&D centers, metals manufacturing plants, and just-in-time seating plants, we ensure that customers receive leading-edge products, consistent quality, on-time delivery and customer service worldwide.


KEIPER, CRH and Johnson Controls – expertise in metals from one single source

Our customers get the best designs, products, technologies, and worldwide support from the industry leaders in metal components, mechanisms, structures and complete seating systems.

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Synergy is the name of the game – and the Structure

The Synergy Structure combines leading edge technologies from Johnson Controls, KEIPER and CRH to achieve a significant reduction in mass and size.

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Easy Package® highly flexible rear seat structure

The ultimate solution in rear seat flexibility maximizes space, comfort and safety.

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As demonstrated throughout our demonstrator ie:3, Inspired Efficiency moves beyond current knowledge and expectations to explore intriguing new possibilities.

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