Automotive Seat Foam Products and Head Restraints

Automotive seat foam – for the ultimate in comfort, safety and sustainability

Through industry-leading technology, expertise and craftsmanship, Johnson Controls creates seat solutions with proven performance.

Foam affects automotive seat comfort, and comfort significantly influences the vehicle buying decision. We lead the industry in producing automotive seat foam that delivers the comfort consumers want. We know that drivers’ definitions of seat comfort vary from market to market, so we customize formulations for each region in the world.


Superior customer service
Johnson Controls is a leading automotive foam supplier with more than 60 years of experience developing foam for automotive seats, armrests and head restraints. Our more than 5,000 foam employees bring customers the benefits of their deep engineering and manufacturing expertise in materials, components and complete systems for automotive seats. We put all these resources to work on behalf of our customers.


Worldwide capabilities and expertise
Johnson Controls is a global organization committed to forming long-term partnerships with our customers and delivering excellent service. We support customers with global design, engineering, and manufacturing resources and optimized logistics to consistently provide high quality, reliability and on-time delivery.


More comfort in the car and on the road

Advanced foam technology solutions enhance the driving experience by making seats more comfortable.

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Advanced head restraints

Often, in the event of a rear impact, the head restraint is all that stands between the occupant and a neck or head injury. Our innovative head restraint systems provide the ideal blend of safety, comfort and ease of use.

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Sustainable eco-friendly solutions

How can you make a typically non-recyclable product more renewable and sustainable? When it comes to automotive seat foam, we have done just that.

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As demonstrated throughout our demonstrator ie:3, Inspired Efficiency moves beyond current knowledge and expectations to explore intriguing new possibilities.

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Johnson Controls enhances vehicles with the world’s natural resources, meeting the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.

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