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Get the most from your government budget through a comprehensive approach to sustainable community practices - from green buildings and renewable energy to water and infrastructure improvements. Sustainable community practices can also contribute to economic development through job creation. Did you know that for every $1 million spent with Johnson Controls on an energy efficiency project, an estimated $3 million of new spending and up to 26 jobs can be created in your community?*

As a local government it’s important to spend your budget wisely to achieve the best solutions for your constituents. With Johnson Controls, you can make the most of your budget by using a comprehensive approach to create energy efficient, sustainable communities. The capital expenditure required for an energy efficiency project can be difficult to source, but through performance contracting, the cost of these projects can be offset from the savings that you make as a result of the improvements. 

*Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce, RIMS II Multipliers 

Energy Saving Solutions for Local Governments

Governments are challenged with balancing economic, environmental, and social outcomes. Johnson Controls can help you balance your bottom line through innovative infrastructure improvements.

Energy efficiency is optimized when partnered with water efficiency, renewable energy, and technology, as well as energy-educated building occupants. When all components are implemented together, your project will result in a more profitable outcome.  

Find out how Johnson Controls can help you create energy efficient, sustainable communities. Contact one of our energy efficiency specialists at 1-866-392-6487.

Find out how Johnson Controls can help you make your local community’s buildings more energy efficient. 


Contact one of our energy efficiency specialists at 1-866-392-6487.


Johnson Controls is transforming Pueblo by helping the county, city and its housing authority improve the comfort of their buildings while generating more than $13.6 million in savings over the 15-year contract terms.