Turn your data into actual – not just projected – performance.

We know that building efficiency is important to you.


Meet the Panoptix® solution by Johnson Controls- a comprehensive, cloud based, building efficiency system.  Operating on an open platform, Panoptix simplifies the complex process of collecting real time building data from disparate building systems and creates a single integrated view of building and system operation that lets you see a bigger picture. 


And when you have better visibility into your metrics, you can make better decisions to help optimize energy savings and building performance. And achieve your mission.

Cloud Hosted.  Expert Supported.

Panoptix delivers building efficiency applications in a “pay-as-you-go” software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.  The cloud-based applications and advanced analytics will give you better insight into your building or buildings. 


Panoptix Continuous Diagnostics Advisor

Detects abnormal energy consumption and identifies equipment faults.


Panoptix Energy Performance Monitor

Creates energy baseline models and tracks savings from energy efficiency projects based on meter data.


Panoptix Carbon and Energy Reporter

Tracks energy usage and carbon emissions across an enterprise.


Panoptix Custom Analyzer

Provides flexible trend analysis to compare facilities, diagnose problems and report performance.


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