Building Automation System Support Services

Today’s building automation systems are more than just tools used to run your facility – they are sophisticated enterprise IT systems that reside on your building’s network, can be accessed from the Internet, and contain data that can be mined to make better decisions about operating your organization more effectively. And like other IT systems they need to be supported and kept up to date – both with changes to your facility as well as updates to ensure your have the latest software.

As the manufacturer of one of the world’s most powerful building automation systems, Johnson Controls can provide you with industry-leading support services that will help you protect your investment and your network, and ensure you get the most out of your system.

Software & User Support Services

For our Metasys® building automation systems, we offer support services to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements and get timely answers to questions to enable you to operate the system more effectively.

  • Software Update Subscriptions - Stay current with Metasys revisions with software subscriptions. They'll provide you with every major and minor release that is available during the subscription period

  • Technical Support Subscriptions - Access the same field support center that our factory-trained technicians use. 
    • Online support center database, which has validated answers to thousands of questions about our Metasys systems
    • Phone and online database support

  • Factory Training - Leverage our Johnson Controls Institute training courses to learn how to get the most out of your Metasys system

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Planned Service Agreements

Building automation systems are the ‘brains” of your building – and if they're not thinking straight, they can cause problems with occupant comfort, plant productivity and even excessive energy consumption. Planned service agreements for your building automation system are the best way to ensure the system is operating your building in the most efficient and effective way.

On each on-site visit, our factory-trained technicians will review your system’s password and security measures and back-up critical software and database. In addition, they'll review the way the system is operating and make recommendations on how you can use the system to run your building more effectively. 

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Talk to the Service Experts

To learn more about our building automation system service, or to speak with a Johnson Controls Service Expert, please submit an online inquiry or find a local branch.


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