What's your building management challenge? Keeping occupants comfortable? Reducing energy costs? Improving productivity?

It's all possible with the METASYS® building management system.

Facility managers worldwide count on the Metasys building management system to ensure comfort and create efficiencies in buildings of all types: hospitals, baseball stadiums, office buildings - even zoos! 

The Metasys system is the most capable and scalable building management system. It provides the essential instrumentation and control you need to coordinate, regulate and manage your building systems.

  • Connect effortlessly. The Metasys system ensures all of your building systems - HVAC equipment, lighting, security management and fire protection - work together as a cohesive unit.

  • Reach easily. The Metasys system incorporates the latest wireless technologies into more devices so you can implement a system that stretches into every hard-to-reach corner of your building.
  • Integrate seamlessly. The Metasys system can integrate equipment from virtually any manufacturer, and is designed to work with past, present and future technologies. Compatible with open protocols including BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, N2, XML, Web Services and OPC.

  • Manage confidently. With the Metasys system, you can make fast, accurate decisions on your energy strategy with data collected from hundreds—even thousands—of sensors, presented in customized reports.

And today, the Metasys building management system becomes even more amazing when paired with the app-driven analytics of the PANOPTIX® building efficiency platform to transform building data into unprecedented power.

The Metasys system makes it possible for all of the various devices and systems in a building to work together as one cohesive unit. Contact us to learn more.