Metasys® Building Automation System

A new kind of smart.

Metasys® is the world’s leading building automation system. It makes your buildings smarter and more efficient by providing essential instrumentation and control, which saves energy, lowers operational costs and enables productive and secure environments.

Metasys connects your HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems, and gets them all “talking” to each other in a single language, on a single platform to give you information to make better decisions, save money and improve the way your building functions.

It works smarter, and so do you
Today’s Metasys is more mobile and capable than ever. The new user interface presents information in a simple, intuitive way to help you quickly identify potential problems. Navigate by space to see a real-time view of a single floor, room or office and the equipment that serves it. Filter data quickly to see the information that’s important to you. And because it’s mobile-optimized, you can manage building operations from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Johnson Controls strives continuously to find new ways to make Metasys work better, and help you work smarter. We’re constantly innovating to make sure its software, user interface, monitoring and analytics are the best available. Now, and in the future.

Contact us to learn how Metasys can help organizations like yours save money and energy.