Field Equipment Controllers for Metasys®

The METASYS® Field Equipment Controllers (FECs) are a complete family of BACnet-compatible field controllers and accessories designed with the flexibility to meet your HVAC control applications. Built on the ASHRAE standard for building automation system control and communication, these controllers support Johnson Controls’ commitment to open standards and greater control options for your building.

Field equipment controllers play a key role in the efficiency of your building energy management, collecting data and allowing you to remotely control your subsystems.

Metasys FECs are designed for optimal efficiency and better performance, with competitive features including:

  • Standard BACnet® objects enabling open system strategy at all levels
  • Continuous Tuning Adaptive Control
  • Advanced diagnostics for failure detection, resolution and prevention
  • Flexible and scalable to meet a variety of applications
  • Standard packaging and terminations to simplify installation
  • Application-specific programs designed to decrease engineering time 
  • 32-Bit Microprocessors
  • One Piece Design

Improve Your Energy Management with Metasys FECs

FEC16 Series Building Automation System Controls

Metasys FEC1610 Field Equipment Control Module
  • 10-point application configurable controller
  • Fan coil unit control
  • Heat pump unit control
  • Unit ventilator control

FEC26 Series Building Automation System Controls

Metasys Field FEC2610 Field Equipment Control Module
  • 17-point application configurable controller
  • Large unitary controls
  • Air handling units
  • Roof-top unit control

Input/Output Modules for Building Automation System FECs

Metasys Input/Output Modules
  • Expands controllers for larger applications
  • Flexible configurations: 4,6,12 and 17-point expandability
  • Integrated at both field and supervisory levels

VMA16 Series Building Automation System Controls

Metasys VMA 1600 Integrated Actuator and Flow Sensor Module
  • Integrated actuator and flow sensor
  • Support for single and dual duct applications
  • Cooling only and cooling with reheat models available
  • True digital control

Wireless Commissioning Converter

Wireless Commissioning Converter

The FEC family of building energy management controllers supports Bluetooth wireless communications for commissioning and troubleshooting. This means that there is no need to be tethered to a device located high in the ceiling or squeezed into the back of a dusty equipment closet. Instead, you can locate your controllers where they make the most sense for your building, not your wiring.



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