Wireless Building Technologies

METASYS® Building Management System Delivers the Ultimate Wireless Building Control

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Wireless technology can be incorporated at one level or all levels of the METASYS® building management system, as well as the building infrastructure. With Metasys wireless building technologies, you can:

  • Better manage costs 
  • Improve system performance
  • Increase the ease of installations and changes

The Metasys system incorporates the latest wireless technologies into more devices, which increases your control flexibility, streamlines retrofits and results in faster download times. Whether it is at the system’s user interface, network automation, field controller or room sensing levels, wireless building control from Johnson Controls results in increased application flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Our wireless building technologies ensure signal strength in a managed environment that minimizes interference and maximizes reliability. At the network automation and field controller level, you can cost-effectively expand your system into spaces that were difficult or too costly to wire for conventional controls.

Wireless sensing gives you economical control and optimum comfort in areas that are frequently re-configured, or where hardwiring is challenging or simply not possible. The wireless temperature sensor technology is ideal for minimizing the impact to historic buildings and decorative surfaces, or for controlling large, open spaces or structures with brick or concrete walls.
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