PANOPTIX® Building Efficiency Platform

You've made energy efficiency a priority. Now make the most of your investment.

As a facility manager, you know that innovations in technology continue to improve your ability to generate detailed data about what's happening in your buildings. The downside is - you may also be drowning in data. How can you use it to make insightful choices when you're overwhelmed by it?  

The PANOPTIX® platform helps you harness the data in your facility and better manage your environment. It pulls a variety of data from existing building systems like the METASYS® building automation system, other building automation systems and utility meters and transmits it to the cloud where it can be used with a range of applications to deliver better control over energy use, equipment operation and occupant comfort.

With the Panoptix platform, you can:

  • Review the performance of one piece of equipment, an entire building, or compare hundreds of facilities around the world.

  • Pinpoint equipment that’s wasting energy.

  • Assess the effectiveness of retrofit projects.

  • Monitor and report on carbon emissions and energy efficiency.