PENN® refrigeration controls

We know refrigeration inside and out

PENN refrigeration products by Johnson Controls are hard at work in your local supermarket, convenience store, hotel and restaurant every day. From temperature and pressure control, to fan speed control, to lube oil control, every PENN product has one thing in common -- worry free operation.

Our Committment to You

As part of our ongoing, corporate-wide commitment to sustainability and the environment, we also offer a complete line of high-pressure controls that are compatible with CFC-free R-410A refrigerant. These environmentally-friendly products include the P70 and P170 pressure controls, P100 pressure switches, P266 fan speed controls, and V246 and V248 water regulating valves.

Even though we’ve been around since the beginning of time in refrigeration, PENN still delivers the freshest ideas in the business. We’re continuously building on our experience to provide superior control technology for all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. 

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