Electromechanical Pressure Controls

P100 Series: Encapsulated Pressure Switches

P100 Series: Encapsulated Pressure Switches

P100 Series switches are encapsulated, non-adjustable, SPST, direct mount switches for use with non-corrosive refrigerants. The switches are available with automatic reset in both open low and open high configurations and manual reset with open high action.


  • Compact size and light weight allow for direct mounting.
  • Use with all non-corrosive refrigerants.
  • 1/4 in. female flare fitting with built-in Schrader type depressor is standard.
  • Encapsulated switch, dust tight.
  • Trip-free manual reset (manual reset models)...contacts cannot be overridden by continued depression of the reset button.
  • Electrical connections are made to 48 in. leads.Snap-acting switch in a dust protected enclosure.


  • A universal mounting bracket, No. BKT16A-600R, as well as a barbed fitting is supplied as standard.
  • Model P10FC-4 has a jumper installed on the common terminals.


  • Low limit, high limit, and fan cycling control in commercial refrigeration.
  • Ice machines
  • Food service equipment.


Selection Chart






  Switch   Application   Setting -psig (bar)
Code   Action       Opens   Closes
P100AP-201C   Open on   Low Cutout   10   32
    Press. Drop       -0.7   -2.2
P100AP-2C   Open on   Low Cutout   35   60
    Press. Drop       -2.4   -4.1
P100AP-3C   Open on   Fan Cycling   150   225
    Press. Drop       -10.3   -15.5
P100AP-4C   Open on   Fan Cycling   170   250
    Press. Drop       -11.7   -17.2
P100AC-1C   Open on   Low Cutout   5   20
    Press. Drop       -0.3   -1.4
P100AC-2C   Open on   Low Cutout   15   30
    Press. Drop       (1.00   -2.1
P100CP-1C   Open on   High Cutout   400   300
    Press. Rise       -27.6   -20.1
P100CP-2C   Open on   High Cutout   425   325
    Press. Rise       -29.3   -22.4
P100CC-9C   Open on   High Cutout   275   175
    Press. Rise       -19   -12.1
P100DA-1C   Open on   High Limit   410   Lockout
    Press. Rise       -28.3   Man. Reset
P100DA-2C   Open on   High Limit   475   Lockout
    Press. Rise       -32.8   Man. Reset
P100DA-35C   Open on   High Limit   350   Lockout
    Press. Rise       -24.1   Man. Reset
P100DC-3C   Open on   High Limit   375   Lockout
    Press. Rise       -25.9   Man. Reset