Electromechanical Pressure Controls

P67 Series: Low Pressure Control

P67 Series: Low Pressure Control


The P67 Series Pressure Switches are used to close or open an electrical circuit based on a predetermined air pressure signal.  The operating point of the control and the differential, are easy to adjust with the externally-located adjustment screws on the top of the control enclosure.  The pressure controls incorporate a non-metallic diaphragm that is positioned by air pressure changes.  The diaphragm, in turn, actuates a heavy-duty electrical contact block using a lever mechanism.


  • Long-life contact structure, high contact force
  • Easy-to-adjust settings: single sight-set scales show both cut-in and cut-out settings


  • Control of air compressors
  • Fans
  • Pilot lights
  • Resistance heating elements


  • Temperature Range F (C) - 32 to 140 (0 to 160)
  • Scale Range psig (kPa) - 3 to 30 (21 to 207)

(Range is min. cut-out to max. cut-in on Open Low controls, and min. cut-in to max. cut-out on Open High controls.)


Selection Chart

Product     Control Action     Differential     Max. Overpressure     Connector
Code     (pressure Rise)     psi (kPa)     psit (kPa)      
P67AA-1C     DPST     1 1/2-20     50 (345)     Angle Barbed
      Open     10 to 38           Fitting
P67CA-1C     DPST     1 1/2-20     50 (345)     Angle Barbed
      Close     10 to 38           Fitting
P67EA-5C     L-M2 connect     1 1/2-20     50 (345)     1/8in.
      L-M1 break     10 to 38           Male NPT
P67FA-5C     L-M2 break     1 1/2-20     50 (345)     1/8in.
      L-M1 connect     10 to 38           Male NPT