XLP2 Evaporative Condensers

Forced Draft Style Condenser

XLP2 Evaporative Condensers
XLP2 models are traditional forced draft evaporative condensers with axial fans to minimize energy consumption. The XLP2 models have been designed to address the energy efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and field assembly needs of the market. These benefits provide the end user with long service life, and ease of installation and commissioning for the contractor.
  • Forced draft
  • Energy saving
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • HDGAF coil assembly
  • TripleGuardTM (option) 5-year warranty basin
  • Full-size hinged access doors
  • Premium efficient VFD motors
  • Independent drive system
  • International Building Code (IBC) compliant
  • Easy assembly
XLP2 Evaporative Condensers
  • Capacity: 1,700 through 29,600 MBH Heat Rejection
  • Operating Weights: 9,000 through 87,000 LBS
  • Box Sizes: (5' x 12') through (12' x 36')
  • Standard Casing Corrosion Protection: G-235 Hot Dipped Galvanized steel panels
  • Basin Corrosion Protection: G-235 Galvanized steel
  • Fan Guard Protection: G-235 Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Coil Test Pressure: 375 PSI
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 300 PSI
  • Fan Type: Heavy-Duty axial flow with aluminum blades
  • Nozzle Type: Large Orifice 360 Degree Non-Clog
  • Capacity Control: Variable Frequency Drives, Independent Fan Operation
  • Ease of Maintenance Features: Two 30" x 42" Access Doors
  • Noise Abatement: Sound level at full fan speed, Max 76 (db)
  • Motor Design, Pump and Fan: Totally Enclosed Motors