Frick® Horizontal Oil Pots

8-12 Inch Diameter – up to 36 Inch Length

Frick Oil Pots Vessels
Frick® Oil Pots are small diameter pressure vessels that collect oil rich refrigerant at low pressure points in a refrigeration system. The oil pot facilitates the separation of the refrigerant from the oil and must periodically have the oil manually removed.
  • ASME, BPV code certified
  • 300 psi maximum working pressure
  • -55°F minimum working temperature
  • Integral steel saddle supports
  • High quality corrosion inhibiting paint
  • Optional (ship loose) immersion heater with thermostat for low temperature applications
  • Codes: Designed and constructed per ASME, Section VIII (latest addenda) and the Manufacturer’s Data Report registered with the National Board.
  • Design Pressure: Vessels intended for ammonia (R-717) duty are designed for a 250 psi pressure rating (300 psi on 24 inch and smaller). Alternate design pressure ratings are available
  • Special Treatment: Post-weld heat treatment is standard for ammonia vessels
  • Cleanliness: Pressure vessel shell material and components are abrasively cleaned prior to assembly
  • Exterior Finish: High-quality, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting epoxy paint
  • Quality Check: Vessels are pressure tested for integrity and leak checked
  • Prep for Shipment: Finished vessels are vacuum dehydrated and charged with 15 Psi of nitrogen for shipment and storage
Frick Oil Pots Chart