York(R) Process Systems

YORK® Solutions & YORK® Process Systems

Industrial Cooling Applications Rely on YORK® Solutions to Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Maintenance

Our highly technical and innovative engineering staff enable us to meet the needs of industries including chemicals & petrochemicals, fuel transportation & storage, industrial gases, power generation, carbon capture, climate test chambers and pharmaceuticals.


Our YORK® Process System team provides you with complete, customized YORK® solutions that take you through design, manufacturing, assembly and testing. Our ability to match your industrial cooling process requirements with the most efficient equipment results in cost savings. Whether you need equipment, help with OEM products, parts, service, or even training support, YORK® solutions from Johnson Controls can help.


Learn more about how process systems can help you with your industrial cooling process requirements:



To learn more about how YORK® solutions could help you to meet your industrial cooling goals, contact Johnson Controls.