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Optimize Your HVAC System with Johnson Control's Air Conditioning Equipment

From heating to cooling, if you’re looking to maximize your HVAC system’s operating efficiency, you need access to both optimized HVAC equipment and the expertise to apply it within your building or facility. Whether you need to replace an inefficient chiller in a hospital or install a rooftop HVAC unit, your search for a heathing, ventilating and air conditioning solution should lead you to a partner that can give you industry-leading equipment combined with the know-how to make it work within your current system.

Johnson Controls is that partner. Our breadth of energy-efficient HVAC products, coupled with our understanding of how to optimize that equipment, can drastically increase your building’s HVAC efficiency. Over the years, we’ve continuously helped our partners find the perfect HVAC equipment solution for every situation. Some examples include:

  • The McCormick Building in Boston - utilized Johnson Controls’ chillers solutions to cut annual utility costs by $500,000.
  • DST Output in Kansas City - provides 60,000 square feet of air-conditioned office space through the use of underfloor air distribution and YORK rooftop units from Johnson Controls.
  • St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto - reduced their steam bill by as much as $8,000 a day during the winter months using Johnson Controls’ YORK MAXE Heat Pump.

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HVAC Equipment

Airside Products - Get the perfect airside products for your facility by working with Johnson Controls. Our airside product offering includes air-handling units, heating and cooling coils, variable-speed drives, fan-coil units and unique air-distribution systems.

Indoor Packaged Equipment - Improve your building’s energy savings and aesthetics while utilizing only the longest lasting, most versatile equipment by working with Johnson Controls. Our indoor packaged equipment provides extensive service access, allows expansions and retrofits and accommodates tough installations.

YORK Chiller Products - Shrink your facility’s carbon footprint and dramatically cut your overall energy costs with Johnson Controls. We have the widest chillier solution portfolio in the world and our chillers fit almost any comfort or process cooling application.

Outdoor Packaged Equipment/Smart Equipment - Lower your operating costs and increase your heating flexibility with Johnson Controls’ outdoor packaged equipment. These units come in capacities from 3 to 130, have standardized robust features and can be installed quickly.

Condensers & Condensing Units - Improve the energy efficiency, reliability and productivity of your building or facility system with Johnson Control’s air-cooled condensers and condensing units. They’re designed by the experts for performance and can seamlessly fit into your existing HVAC system.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems - Maximize your annual energy saving and building comfort levels by maintaining good indoor air quality and humidity control with Dedicated Outside Air Systems. These units are available up to 9,000 CFM and control up to 100% of outside air. They reduce the load on parallel building HVAC equipment for increased efficiency.