FlexSys Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) System

FlexSys Underfloor Air Distribution System

FlexSys Underfloor Air Systems

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Johnson Controls provides the industry’s most comprehensive underfloor air distribution system. The FlexSys system addresses all the critical needs in today’s work environment - energy efficiency, improved comfort, lower lifecycle cost, and better indoor air quality - through conditioned air supplied by underfloor air distribution. With 35 million square feet of underfloor air distribution installed in North America, Johnson Controls has more underfloor experience than any other HVAC systems manufacturer.

  • Improved Comfort - Improve indoor air quality as clean, conditioned air is delivered directly into occupants' breathing zone, not forced through dirty return air at the ceiling.
  • Flexibility - If space utilization changes, move the air terminals anywhere on the raised floor for ultimate flexibility. The system is complete with easy "plug-and-play" connections for power and control.
  • Cost Competitive - All these benefits are available at a cost that is comparable to conventional systems.
  • LEED® Points – Contributes up to 23 points toward certifying your high-performance, sustainable building.

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