YORK® Custom Air-Handling Units (AHU)


Experience the New Custom.

Not all custom is created equal. When it comes to creating the right air-handling unit for your building environment, you shouldn’t have to choose between one-size-fits-all and reinventing-the-wheel. The time has come to change the equation and redefine custom…

Introducing YORK® Custom AHU. Where rapid design and delivery meets true custom possibility.

The YORK® Custom AHU experience is designed to adapt effortlessly to the unique needs of every environment, providing perfectly balanced performance by matching AHU features and efficiency against the precise demands of your building.

  • Injected Foam Insulation improves thermal performance while providing a stronger and lighter unit structure.
  • Ultra-Thermal Break Construction includes a unique floor-to-base thermal break that eliminates exterior sweating on the entire unit housing.
  • Fan System Redundancy ensures greater uptime while using fewer fans and non-proprietary parts. 
  • Streamlined Manufacturing Process accelerates project cycles and increases speed to installation. 
  • Acoustiweir™ Technology reduces sound levels and controls vibrations while maintaining a compact unit footprint.
  • Factory Controls reduce project installation time through intelligent manufacturing and streamlined controls systems.
  • YORK® Airside Technical Services offer total-system post-sale services and support by knowledgeable application experts.
  • Tailored Flexibility ensures your AHU is never limited by your environment or our production process.

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