Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP)

Water-to-Water Heat Pumps and Water-to-Air Heat Pumps

Water source and air source heat pumps are often referred to as water-to-water and air-to-water heat pumps when applied in buildings with cooling and heating water loops. These heat pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications including closed-loop and ground water source systems.

Johnson Controls offers a full line of water source heat pumps, including 6 water-to-air and 2 water-to-water heat pumps. Spanning from ½ to 50 tons, these products provide a highly efficient solution well-suited to today’s sustainability, environmental, and energy conservation standards. Also used in geothermal heat pump applications, these systems can offer some of the highest efficiencies available when compared to any other HVAC heathing and cooling system.


Water-to-Air Heat Pumps
• RB-Series, ½ – 6 tons, Standard Efficiency
• RG-Series, ¾ – 6 tons, High Efficiency
• RK-Series (single or dual stage), ¾ – 6 tons, Premium Efficiency 
• RL-Series, 7 – 25 tons
• RC-Series Console, ¾ – 1 ½ tons

Water-to-Water Heat Pumps
• RH-Series Hydronic, 1 ½ – 6 tons
• RW-Series Reversible Chiller, 10 – 50 tons


High performance
• All products suitable for geothermal / low-temp operation
• High-efficiency options such as ECM motors and 2-stage compressors
• AHRI Certified
• Sound-attenuating package options 

Excellent controls flexibility

• Stand-alone or network controls
• Johnson Controls controller, sensors, valve actuators, and end devices 

Indoor Air Quality features
• Foil-faced insulation
• Composite and/or stainless steel drain pans
• Coated air coils
• High-efficiency filtration options (including MERV 13)
• Hot gas reheat 

Renowned product quality
• 100% factory test / check for every unit
• Excellent fit and finish
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