Outdoor Packaged Equipment & Rooftop HVAC

A Complete Line of Single-Packaged Units

With capacities from 3 to 150 tons, as well as robust standard features and easy customization, the needs of your specific application can be met with Johnson Controls’ rooftop HVAC units.

Our HVAC equipment delivers you:

  • Low Operating Costs - Johnson Controls single packaged units exceed current energy efficiency requirements, helping you to benefit from low operating costs.

  • Heating Flexibility – Our HVAC units offer a variety of heating options.  All can be used with gas and electric heat, while larger HVAC units also offer steam and hot-water heat.

For fast installation and easy configuration, many of our smaller HVAC units (3 to 60 tons) are designed to work seamlessly with the Commercial Comfort Systems HVAC equipment line.

View the following single package units to find out more.

Series 5 SPU
Series 5
3 - 5 Tons
Series 10 SPU

Series 10
3 - 12½ Tons


Series 12R

3-12½ Tons

Series 20 SPU
Series 20
15 - 25 Tons
Series 40 SPU
Series 40
25 - 40 Tons
Series 100 SPU

Series 100
50 - 150 Tons

To find out more about our outdoor packaged HVAC units and other HVAC systems, contact Johnson Controls.