Series 5 Rooftop HVAC Units

Offering Efficiency, Reliability and Comfort for Your Building

Johnson Controls Series 5 Rooftop HVAC Units

If your internal space is limited, rooftop HVAC units maintain temperature control without an intrusive footprint inside your building. Johnson Controls’ Series 5 units are flexible products that can be installed in a range of locations for a variety of applications.

Series 5 HVAC units can not only be curb mounted on a roof, but also adapted for slab mounting at ground level and for setting on steel beams above a finished roof. This flexibility makes installing your HVAC equipment quicker and easier, putting green credentials and energy efficient cooling within the reach of every single building.


The Series 5 product range includes:


  • Cooling only
  • Cooling with gas heat
  • Cooling with electric heat

Every Series 5 HVAC unit can be tailored to your specific applications with a wide variety of field-installed accessories. We also pipe, wire, charge and test every unit at the factory to simplify the installation upon arrival.


Series 5 HVAC units also offer:

  • HFC-410A Refrigerant for environmentally responsible operation
  • Cooling efficiency is 13 SEER and heating efficiency is 80% SSE
  • Cooling capacity: 3 to 5 tons
  • Heating capacity: 40 to 80 MBH output
  • Easy and low cost installation
  • Cooling only or cooling with gas or electric heat


To find out more about improving efficiency with Series 5 rooftop HVAC units and other HVAC equipment, contact Johnson Controls.

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