HVAC Controls Products

Creating Comfortable Environments

Every one of our HVAC controls is created with one thought in mind – to keep people comfortable.  No matter if you’re responsible for a commercial building, a school or a hospital, Johnson Controls will help you create and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. We understand the technical complexity of HVAC systems and the difficulty of managing and optimizing HVAC performance. Our extensive line of HVAC control products is designed to simplify your life and satisfy your customers.

All of our HVAC controls are field and lab-tested for reliability, durability and efficiency. These products are built to last for a long time. You can count on our engineering expertise for quick and relatively-simple installation. We also have a team of experts who can answer your most difficult questions.


Check out our complete line of HVAC controls:

Actuators – Get the actuator range you need --from 35 to 560 lb.-in. of torque -- with a choice of direct mount electric, remote mount electric, spring return, non-spring return and pneumatic.

Current Sensors & Transducers – Easily monitor current loads on pumps, fans, blowers, heating coils and lighting with our current switch devices and current transducer devices.

Air Control Products – Have your control dampers custom-built to meet your application. Options include low-leakage, industrial, balancing, safety and backdraft. Meet IAQ requirements for ventilation with our durable air measuring products.

Thermostats – Create comfortable temperatures and enjoy energy savings with our room thermostat products. Provide the ideal solution for single- and multi-stage applications with our programmable thermostats.

Control Panels – Provide rock-solid protection for your building management system with our control panels. These preassembled control panel solutions will help you streamline the installation process.

Valves – Get reliable, leak-proof performance from a broad choice of control valves, ranging from ½ inch to 20 inches. These products have the flexibility to fit many applications, including unit ventilators, VAV boxes and chillers.

Control Sensors – Install reliability, accuracy and energy efficiency every time you install a control sensor from Johnson Controls. Choose from humidity, temperature, pressure, occupancy and carbon dioxide sensors.

Variable Speed Drives – Significantly lower operating costs with our energy-saving variable speed drives. Each one is equipped with a patented algorithm that provides 2-10% energy savings.