Access Control Systems

Interactive, real-time security management

The Johnson Controls P2000 security management system is an innovative security integration platform that’s adaptable to small and large applications.  Its open system technology utilizes your IT infrastructure and enables integration with multiple building management systems and devices to achieve operational efficiencies.  In fact, the more complex your facility’s security needs, the more efficient P2000 can be in leveraging technology to deliver the results you need to achieve your goals. 


Running on a number of common operating systems, P2000 incorporates the latest wireless technologies and features a graphical user interface that keeps proceduress simple for the operator and delivers more flexibility.  The technology platform allows you to centralize security and building operations, via the web or installed network.  Operators can get access to real-time views of your facility, even in multi-campus sites, on any web-based computer or handheld device.


The P2000 offers the control of an integrated, future-ready technology platform. It will work with virtually any security and building system technology or equipment currently installed, as well as with new technologies to come. We are pleased to partner our products with those of HID corporation. HID readers and cards offer the widest range of solutions for access control... this flexibility enhances the performance and capabilities of the P2000 security management system enabling our customers to achieve their goals.

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