Technology Contracting™ in Construction

A New Way to Build with Technology Integration

Building Simplified.

While you’re planning the construction of a new building or retrofitting an existing facility, you can’t expect technology to stand still. You’ve got to stay ahead of the curve every step of the way.
Johnson Controls® Technology Contracting™ simplifies it all with a process that begins with the end in mind – then seamlessly accommodates advancements in information technology, the Web, communications, building automation and other essential enterprise systems.
And, by engaging us early in the design process to coordinate both technology infrastructure and integration, we can: 

  • Reduce risk through a single point of responsibility
  • Lower the cost of construction and ownership
  • Converge individual systems into a technology system
  • Eliminate system and infrastructure duplication
  • Deliver facilities that contribute to the owner’s organizational objectives 

As the world’s largest provider of building efficiency solutions, Johnson Controls has exceptional experience in project management, with proven methods and processes to support you throughout the lifecycle of your building. We’ll make it seamless and simple to get what you want, from the moment you design your building through occupancy to optimizing facility assets long-term.

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