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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Johnson Controls can help reduce your energy use and carbon footprint across portfolios of buildings with our unique energy and carbon management web tools.

These tools allow you to collect the data you need to report your energy use and carbon emissions, plus they provide the road map to help you reduce your energy use and carbon footprint. Five modules cover all aspects of your energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint:


Reducing your energy use and carbon footprint starts with the collection of utility data. Our tool helps capture all the information found on utility bills, including cost, consumption, demand, on-peak /off-peak billing components, power factor charges, transition charges, and taxes.

Greenhouse gas (GHG)
Use information from multiple modules to calculate your global greenhouse gas inventory. Incorporate utility, fleet, stationary generation, refrigerant leakage, and energy efficiency project information to calculate a comprehensive inventory. We use the internationally accepted methodology developed by the World Resources Institute to convert source emissions to CO2 equivalent emissions. Attaches electronic source data to manage all documentation needed for data validation.

Energy projects
Track important information about all energy projects throughout your organization. Energy efficiency projects feed into a forecast of future energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Also used as a tool to communicate best practices and opportunities globally.

Facility equipment
You can manage relevant data on all energy consuming equipment, including type, manufacturer, model, size, condition and age. Also tracks warranty and specification documents for each equipment record. Helps track energy and asset management activities.

Manage information about all types of waste (hazardous and non-hazardous), including disposition method, refrigerant use, air emissions and water discharges.

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