Renewable Energy Solutions

Reduce Your Long-Term Energy Costs and Increase Energy Security with Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy solutions are designed to increase energy security and independence, while reducing your long-term energy costs and environmental footprint.


We’ll partner with you to evaluate renewable energy technology options and financing alternatives that minimize risk and maximize your return on investment. And, we’ll work with you to design, engineer, install, maintain and operate the renewable energy systems that you choose.


Our energy efficiency strategies include environmentally friendly solutions that will not only help reduce your organization’s energy costs, but also provide you with the tools to reduce your carbon footprint.


The natural environment provides us with a number of renewable energy sources that can be converted into usable energy for your building or facility. Johnson Controls can help you maximize your energy efficiency through the use of solargeothermal and wind power.


To learn how renewable energy and renewable energy solutions can benefit you and your community, contact Johnson Controls.

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