HVAC Training Courses

Sharing Expertise to Improve the Quality of HVAC Installations

Institute Learning Session

With a wide range of HVAC training and building automation training courses, Johnson Controls can help you to learn how to improve your energy efficiency. All courses provided by the  Johnson Controls Training Institute are taught by experienced instructors and feature state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on lab activities.


Learning Track Concentrations – Metasys® Courses and Building Automation Training


The demands placed on building managers and their team as a result of technological advances mean that it is essential we maintain a high level of knowledge about our work. At the Johnson Controls Training Institute, we work to keep you at the forefront of the industry with a variety of courses, including HVAC Training.


Currently, there are four specialized programs on offer, designed to make you a more valuable asset to your team. These include courses on the general mechanical aspects of HVAC systems, as well as how the Metasys® platform can be used effectively to automate a building and allow you to use energy more efficiently.

For more information, please contact us. For more details on our Learning Track Concentrations, read the training PDF.


Continuing Education Units (CEU)


After completing a sponsored course, Johnson Controls supports graduates with Continuing Education Units (CEU).


The CEU is a nationally recognized unit of measure for continuing education and training programs that meet established criteria. By offering this credit you can ensure that your own bespoke training can be put to practical use as a recognized qualification. The HVAC training institute also maintains permanent records of course completion and can issue students transcripts on request.


Successful completion is based on attendance and the ability to demonstrate the intended learning outcomes as part of HVAC training.