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Smart Connected Chillers

Monitor performance from anywhere. Because uptime is everything.

A chiller is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your facility. Responsible for comfort. Productivity. And as much as half the energy used in your building. What if you could predict when a chiller will go down, or when it’s running at less than peak performance that results in unexpected expenses?

Johnson Controls teamed with Microsoft to build a solution that connects equipment data to the cloud for unprecedented insights into operations

smart connected chillers and the technician
Data in Action: Smart Connected Chillers and the Technician

New technologies that form the Internet of Things (IoT) are making it easier than ever to stay on top of chiller maintenance – with data available anywhere, remote monitoring and diagnostics allow service technicians to proactively tackle potential issues, making preventative care and maintenance scheduling easier than ever. See how knowledgeable service technicians are taking chiller maintenance to the next level with connected services using the Microsoft cloud. 

Smart Chillers and the IOT
Cloud-based Analytics Make Buildings and Equipment Smarter and More Efficient

Buildings are responsible for 47% of global energy consumption. As a world leader in advanced HVAC technology, we take that challenge seriously. We partnered with Microsoft, using Azure IoT suite to build a solution that connects data streams from sensors on critical equipment to the cloud. With this unprecedented insight into equipment, such as our Smart Connected Chillers, we're revolutionizing how chillers are serviced. 

strategic service for chillers
Learn how Smart Connected Chillers are helping facilities make a real impact with preventative maintenance.

With this unprecedented insight into equipment, we’re revolutionizing how chillers are serviced. Today’s Smart Connected Chillers mean fewer disruptions, reduced downtime, and longer equipment life.

See how two very different facilities put Smart Connected Chillers to work.

Learn about the technologies and trends changing how chillers are serviced.

Data streamed from equipment to the cloud, advanced analytics, and remote monitoring are just a few of the technology trends that are changing how chillers are being serviced and maintained. With new insights into efficiency and access to the expertise of skilled technicians, today's Smart Connected Chillers offer benefits including fewer disruptions, reduced downtime, and longer equipment life. 

Read the paper to learn more about the trends impacting Connected Services or listen to the podcast to learn how Johnson Controls is changing the chiller service game.

Smart Connected Chiller
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