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Metasys® Enterprise Optimization
Today’s well-designed building automation systems produce a wealth of data events and alerts that can be overwhelming. You frequently don’t have the capacity to sift through volumes of data to identify critical, costly issues. Metasys® Enterprise Optimization helps to rationalize and organize information so that you can more effectively optimize facility performance and efficiency across the enterprise.
Bringing it all together in one comprehensive view
Metasys® Enterprise Optimization is a family of dashboards, metering and workflow tools that combine to help you cut through the data clutter with clarity and insight. The applications aggregate and normalize data, analyze it based on standard and client-specific priorities, and then deliver it through visually rich and easy-to-understand maps, charts and graphs. Together, these tools give you an unprecedented view into the performance of your portfolios, allowing you to ensure asset uptime, lower energy costs, increase productivity and report return on investment.
A family of applications designed to help drive asset time, lower energy costs and increase productivity
Metasys® Enterprise Optimization applications include:
  • Enterprise Dashboard: provides a map-based, high level overview of your entire real estate portfolio along with the ability to drill down to individual regions or facilities for more focused views of performance
  • Operations Dashboard: designed to help you cut through the clutter, by displaying information in a way that’s relevant, meaningful and actionable
  • Green Kiosk Dashboard: public-facing, dynamic display of real-time building performance designed to help you spread the word about your sustainability efforts and highlight accomplishments that might otherwise go unnoticed by occupants and visitors 
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  • Meter Analysis Tool: includes a collection of visualization widgets – including energy intensity, campus view, facility comparison, utility-use heat map and usage profiles mapped to calendar days – to explore and uncover irregularities within energy and other metered utilities
  • Fault Analysis Tool: designed to uncover anomalies and equipment performance issues before they lead to alarms, occupant discomfort or even system failures by taking a proactive approach to fault detection
  • Work Order Analysis Tool: designed to track the status of work orders generated through the Operations Dashboard
Gain unprecedented vision and control
Metasys® Enterprise Optimization offers a view of portfolio performance unmatched in the industry. To learn more about how this offering provides you control over the operation of your portfolios. 

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