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Supplier Invoicing



My screen now says Paymode-X. Is this the right site for invoicing Johnson Controls?

Yes. As of April 16, 2010 BBeX (Bottomline Business eXchange) has been re-branded to Paymode-X with new colors and fonts, featuring cleaner and clearer appearance. No changes were made to application/screen navigation or layout.


Our company has EDI capabilities. Can we be set up as a trading partner to submit invoices via EDI versus BBeX?

Absolutely. If you would like to be set up to submit invoices via EDI, please send an eMail to be-supplier@jci.com. Until the EDI setup is complete, invoices must be submitted via BBeX.


Which internet browsers will function properly with BBeX?

The tested and supported browsers for use with BBeX (Bottomline Business eXchange™) are Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 3.x. Internet Explorer 8 is currently being tested and has no known issues at this time. Mozilla Firefox versions 2.x and below have known issues. Please update to the latest version of Mozilla before attempting to use BBeX.


User name & Password does not work.

Verify that you entered the exact login & password that you were provided by re-entering the information, noting that passwords are case sensitive. If it still does not work, please ensure that you capture or record any error messages (screen prints work great). Then contact BBeX support at 1-888-923-9553 , Option 7, or via eMail at BBeXsupport@bottomline.com.

I forgot my user name or password. What do I need to do to get access?

Your user name is typically your eMail address. If that does not solve the issue, please contact the BBeX support team at 1-888-923-9553 ; option 7, or via eMail at BBeXsupport@bottomline.com.

What are the password requirements?

Password restrictions are: Minimum, 8 characters
At least 1 numeric character [0-9]
At least 1 alpha character [a-z, A-Z]
At least 1 special character [any other character found on the keyboard]
Passwords will not expire.
No limit on login retries.

How do I change my password?

1. Click on “Preferences” on the upper right corner of the BBeX screen.
2. In the “User Preferences” dialog box on the right you will see the “Change Password” section. Enter your old password, then the new password and re-type the new password in the “Confirm Password” field.
3. Click “Change Password.”
4. Click “Close.”


We have numerous Johnson Controls customer accounts set up in our system. Does every Johnson Controls account get invoiced electronically?

No. Currently, only the invoices for Johnson Controls Building Efficiency with the following purchase order formats should be billed electronically:




I would prefer to send paper invoices versus using the BBeX system. Can I mail them instead?

No. Invoices against the following purchase order number formats need to be sent electronically:



If you are experiencing issues with the BBeX invoicing system, please contact the Johnson Controls Support Team at 866-205-8838  or via eMail at be-supplier@jci.com.


What goes in the Project/Charge field? I have a PO # but no Project/Charge #.

You may leave the “Project/Charge #” field blank when invoicing against a Johnson Controls PO #. If you have one, enter it.


My Company just received our log-in ID and password from BBeX to invoice Johnson Controls electronically. After logging in and going to the “Purchase Orders” tab to find the purchase order against which I intended to submit an invoice, I discovered that there are no purchase orders visible for me to flip to an invoice. What should I do?

This is simply a timing issue since you were just on-boarded to the BBeX system. Please wait two business days and check again. If after two days, you still do not find any purchase orders, please send an eMail to be-supplier@jci.com indicating that you were recently on-boarded to BBeX, have waited two days and still have no purchase orders visible to invoice against.

There are purchase orders listed under the “Purchase Orders” tab, however, I cannot find the specific purchase order number that I need to flip to an invoice. Should I try to enter the invoice manually?

No. Making purchase orders visible is currently an overnight process. If the purchase order was generated today, wait until the next business day and then check again. If the purchase order was generated prior to today, please send an eMail to be-supplier@jci.com indicating the purchase order number for which the information should be made visible in the BBeX system.

The purchase order I wish to invoice has a Buyer State of "Cancelled". Why and what should I do.

Most likely the PO has been modified and a new version uploaded. Look for the same PO# with a Buyer State of "Sent"


Do I enter my name in the “Requester Last Name” and “Requester First Name” field?

No. You enter the name of the Johnson Controls person that placed the order with you or the “Buyer” or “Requisitioner” name shown on the Purchase Order.


I do not have a requestor ID because I have a PO #, but the system will not let me send the invoice.

If the PO was provided verbally by the requester, they should have provided an employee ID #. If you received a fax copy of the purchase order, enter “NA” in the “Requestor ID” field.


What company and address should be entered in the “Company” and “Address” UDF fields?

In the “Company” field, enter “JCI” or “Johnson Controls” and the Project Name, if known.

 In the “Address” fields:

Our Company was providing a service. Do I select “Pickup” or “Delivery” in the “Delivery Type” field?

Since you are “delivering” a service, type “d” (or select “Delivery”). In the “Address” fields, enter the Johnson Controls address where the service was performed.

What is the mailing address for paper invoices?

If a purchase order has one of the following formats you should not mail a paper copy of the invoice; you should only submit it electronically.



If the purchase order number does not meet one of the above formats, mail the invoice to the address shown on the hard-copy purchase order.

I ship to the same “ship to” address all of the time. Can I save the “address” so that I don’t have to re-enter it every time?

Currently, that is not a feature of the tool. We hope to include this capability in a future enhancement.


I am finished with my Invoice but do not see a “submit” button.

Click on the “Details” button to view your invoice, then click “Send.”

I clicked on “SEND” but did not receive any “confirmation”. How do I know it was sent?

Two ways. 1. The Send button will no longer be highlighted. 2. From the "Invoices" screen, search for your invoice number. In the “Supplier State” column, the status will say “Sent.”


I want to keep a hard copy of the invoice I am sending but I don’t see a print button. How do I print what I sent through the BBeX tool?

To print the invoice for your records:
1. Click “Listing”
2. Check the box (to the far left) for the invoice you wish to print.
3. Select “Print” from the “Action” drop-down menu and press “Go.”


The system seems to stall or behave abnormally. Sometimes we get an error. What should we do differently?

Please do a screen print of the error message and eMail a copy to be-supplier@jci.com so that the Johnson Controls Support Team may have the situation reviewed. Please include the phone number at which you may be reached.


The invoice status in the “Buyer State” column shows “Approved.” What does this mean?

"Approved" means that it meets the BBeX criteria and will be sent to Johnson Controls within 10 minutes after submitting,
A blank status indicates the invoice is under review.

My invoice status is "Held". What does that mean? Do I need to do anything?

"Held" indicates the invoice was manually entered into Johnson Controls ERP for payment. No action is required on your part. We are working to assign a new indicator that better represents the true status of the invoice.


I have 3 orders for all the same material, same ship to, but different PO #’s. Can I combine them?

NO. Each PO must be invoiced separately. You need to enter a separate invoice for each PO.


I just sent my invoice but realized I forgot an item. Can I edit it or can you send it back to me?

No. You will need to submit another invoice for the missing item. (Since you will still have the same invoice number in your system, but Johnson Controls requires a unique invoice number, you will need to send the invoice number with a suffix such as -1 at the end of the invoice number.

Can I delete an invoice?

You may only delete an invoice in a “Proposed” state. Any invoices that have been sent cannot be deleted. If the invoice should not have been sent to Johnson Controls, you may credit the invoice by flipping the invoice to a credit and submitting a credit to offset the erroneous invoice. Please refer to the Training documentation for information on how to submit a credit.


When I flipped the PO to an invoice, the price shows as $1 and the quantity field shows the price that I quoted. Should I switch the quantity and the price so that the quantity only shows “1?"

NO. The PO was created with a price of $1 on purpose---typically this is for subcontracts. Leave the price at $1 and indicate the price being invoiced in the quantity field. Note that if you change the price from $1, the invoice is GUARANTEED to go on hold in the Johnson Controls accounts payable system.


How can I get set up for electronic payment?

Complete the appropriate EFT form for your locale from our Downloads – Training & Forms page and email the form to the Johnson Controls Support team at be-supplier@jci.com. The setup takes approximately one week. Invoices that we already have received from your Company will pay under the conventional system. Payment against new invoices received after setup is complete will be directly deposited.

I was set up for electronic funds transfer, however, now I am receiving checks.

Contact the Johnson Controls Support team via eMail at be-supplier@jci.com and indicate that the form of payment has changed from EFT to receiving checks so that they may research the issue. (It is likely due to missing link from EFT to ELEC00.)


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