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Parallel Fan Powered Low Height VAV (TVL)

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Johnson Controls Parallel Fan Powered Variable Air Volume terminals are available from 100 to 4100 cfm, providing flexibility in performance ranges to meet a multitude of system design requirements. Fan powered variable air volume terminals are a popular choice for heating and cooling perimeter zones.  Their design offers substantial operating savings which can be realized through the recovery of waste heat, and night setback operation. The Variable Air Volume terminal recovers heat from lights and core areas to offset heating loads in perimeter zones. Additional heat is available at the terminal unit using electric, steam, or hot water heating coils. Controls are available to energize remote heating devices such as wall fin, fan coils, radiant panels, and roof load plenum unit heaters.

Features and Benefits
  • Low Height units can be applied for a variety of PSC or ECM Parallel Fan VAV application requirements and are pefect for retrofit projects, schools, labs & hospitals, anywhere with congest ceiling spaces.
  • Low height TVL (Parallel Fan Low Height VAV) units max height at 10.5" to 12"
  • TVL-EH (electric heat) units are also flippable
  • AHRI 880 and ETL certified and labeled to meet industry performance and safety standards
  • Patented, superior “FlowStar” air measuring probe provides for lower minimum cubic feet per minute (CFM) values, which reduces energy costs and noise while maintaining comfort in the zone
  • Standard and Low Height Units with PSC or EC motor options to meet a variety of fan powered application requirements.
  • OSHP-OSP certified in compliance with CBC and IBC to ensure cabinet integrity throughout the installation process and seismic events
  • An integrated vav box with direct digital controls can provide for a bundled offering with lower total installed costs
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