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HVAC Technology Integration Services

Technology Integration

Proven solutions for integrating building, business and specialty systems on an intelligent infrastructure
Smart from the start

The ultimate function of the building should determine how it’s built: More productive offices. Healthier patients. Happier tenants. Engaged students.

Johnson Controls takes a holistic view of a building’s systems, designing and installing technology to meet energy, technology and operational objectives. With our technology convergence approach, building, business and specialty systems can be managed on a unified, intelligent infrastructure: HVAC, building automation, security, lighting, information technology, communications and others.

Bold moves with innovative technologies provide superior information with better results.

Features and Benefits
  • Decades of experience and expertise designing and delivering converged technology solutions
  • Unified intelligent infrastructure offers single IP-based network to provide optimized coverage and capacity to support multiple applications
  • Isolated applications and communication systems integrated to share real-time information, providing a more connected environment
  • Eliminates duplicate, discrete systems under various vendors, contacts and proprietary products
  • Simplified approach means buildings operate more efficiently and sustainably, while improving comfort and safety
  • Technology independent integrator working with a market-leading group of innovative partners to create a connected environment
  • Service performed by experienced technicians dedicated to cost-effective and reliable building operation
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Implementing sustainability is part of healthcare system’s continued effort to do what’s right
By leveraging technologies and best business practices, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare improves patient safety, contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity, and assesses risk and prioritize capital spend.

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