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What makes Metasys® the world's smartest building automation system?

See how the latest Metasys features help future-proof investments and resolve issues faster. Upgrade now to Metasys 9.0—bundling in subscription and support agreements to automatically receive future enhancements.

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Faster Network Performance, Easier Integrations
Metasys 9.0 introduces two new BACnet® IP field equipment controllers. By communicating on Ethernet IP networks, they support increased network performance and bandwidth for faster access to data. They also enable easy integrations and future-proof BAS network wiring by using Ethernet cabling. Both are BTL-listed, include a real-time clock, and support star and daisy chain network wiring topologies.
New Ways to Excel
The intuitive graphical interface makes navigation easy on any device, with real-time views of a single floor or even a single office, for fast status checks and immediate response. Now it provides building operators with the ability to customize dashboards, by widget and device type, to match any operational style. Building operators can work anywhere in the facility, on campus or around the world.
Better Tools to Control Comfort
New search and reporting features allow operators to quickly search for data, create reports and issue bulk commands, making it easier than ever to get critical data out of Metasys. Modern, photo-realistic graphics provide better visualization and faster troubleshooting. The alarm manager feature speeds prioritizing with quick identification, easy sorting and bulk response. And now access to all objects defined under the Metasys component hierarchy creates a familiar navigation experience, without any extra configuration. 
Experience the Latest
Experience the Latest Metasys Right Now
Take this self-guided tour of the Metasys user interface to experience four common building operations scenarios: starting a shift, responding to a hot call, dealing with a power outage, and handling an unexpected event. 

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Keep Occupants Safe, Comfortable and Productive