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VA200 Butterfly Valve Actuators

VA200 actuators allows using the VF6000 butterfly valves with a close-off pressure of 10 bar. Compared to the VA300 previously available and providing a close-off pressure of 16 bar, this new VA200 actuator allows you to be more competitive on a large number of applications. It is available both in On/Off and modulating. Together with VA300 and VA400 butterfly valve actuator series which were released earlier, Johnson Controls now provides a complete product line.

Features and Benefits
  • VA200 actuators can be used with VF6000 butterfly valves, and are widely used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It adjusts hot or chilled water according to signals from the controller. VA200 actuator housing is made of aluminum alloy with epoxy-coated surface, achieving a protection class of IP67 and is able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

  • The actuator has a switch control and analog control; the latter has the option of current or voltage signals. The actuator transmission has a planetary gear structure, and its electric and manual parts are independent of each other, without any need to switch between them during use. Its built-in anti-moisture thermal resistor can effectively eliminate condensed water and protect internal components. The actuator has motor stall overheating protection and mechanical limitation protection features, providing a pair of active and passive position feedback. The actuator has a top panel through which the indicated position of its opening is clearly visible.
  • VA200 and VF6000 butterfly valve actuators work together to achieve a valve leakage rate of zero, guaranteeing zero leakage. Simultaneous cut-off force can reach 10 kg, satisfying the needs of most applications.

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