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Assessment and Performance Improvement Services
Help your Operations and Maintenance staff achieve their full potential
Is your Facility Operation & Maintenance department failing to meet company expectations in spite of efforts to train your staff?

If the answer is yes, don’t feel alone. Many companies are discovering that training is only one piece of a much broader set of activities required to drive increased performance. Certainly Operators, Technicians, and Tradespeople need to understand the concepts, theory of operation, and procedures required to operate and maintain your equipment and systems. But how do you ensure what training is actually required and to what depth should each individual be trained to improve performance? Are there infrequent tasks that are better supported by well documented processes and job aids rather then relying on memory as the primary means of recall? And how can you make certain your staff has the correct skills and processes to operate and maintain the wide variety of systems and equipment that you are responsible to manage? 

JCI’s Performance/Skills Development Solutions team can help. Utilizing a thorough, five-step process, JCI will work with you to identify key business goals and strategies; then identify performance gaps and provide solutions to improve O&M performance in support of your key organizational goals. 

 JCI's Assessment & Performance Improvement five-step process includes the following deliverables:  

  • Facility O&M Strategy Assessments 
  • Equipment and CMMS Task Analysis 
  • Skill Assessment by Job Roles 
  • Performance Gap Cause Analysis 
  • O&M Process & Organization Design 
  • Learning Paths by Job Roles
  • Job Aids & Personal Coaching 
  • Custom On-site Training & Mentoring

Download an example of Learning Paths by Job Roles.

Learn more about the Assessment and Performance Improvement Process