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Industrial and Manufacturing
Smarter Manufacturing
Connecting people, process and data. That’s what it takes to increase productivity, yield and shareholder value.  And we’ve got the solution:  integrated products, systems and services that will provide measurable results and reduce risk.
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Manufacturing Smart Solutions

Whether manufacturing facilities are 100 years old or on the drawing board, smart technology is the key to delivering fully connected, operationally efficient, safe and profitable manufacturing processes.

Johnson Controls addresses the barriers to success – from eliminating downtime to improving workplace environment and safety – and links everything through comprehensive building management.

Our Metasys building automation system is the nerve center that integrates the technology. It tells HVAC systems to monitor comfort and lighting levels, addresses production issues, and connects security and life safety – all while managing the systems that maximize operational efficiency. Facility personnel have increased visibility into the operational systems that provide real-time data to make immediate and long-term decisions.

Johnson Controls offers the same industrial-based HVAC and production cooling & heating equipment employed in our own award-winning global manufacturing facilities. Our approach to lifecycle asset management consulting and planned operations & maintenance reduces risk, ensures uptime and extends the life of assets.
Building-wide System Integration

There’s a better way to construct a smarter, more optimized and efficient manufacturing facility: involve Johnson Controls from the concept through design phases.

By inviting us to help make informed, data-driven decisions early in the process, we’re better able to deliver energy, technology and operational objectives. Our proven, early-engagement design assist services provide a structured, interactive process that helps get projects off the ground.

First things first. We quickly assess and prioritize technology and investments, creating a direct path for tackling the most important needs of the organization with the most impact.

Integrated systems provide better interoperability, so manufacturing facilities run more efficiently – and investments grow in value. Technology Contracting™ is our integrated project delivery process. We act as the single point of responsibility for managing the design, delivery, commissioning and ongoing service of all converged technology.

Full lifecycle manufacturing solutions increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, compress project timelines, and lower costs so quality product gets out the door.

Case Studies

Efficient Chiller Leads to Increased Production
Johnson Controls installed a 527-ton YORK® air-cooled chiller, an expansion tank and controller at Newpark Mats & Integrated Services (NMIS), which serves oil, gas and utility industries. The operational demands on the chiller are no longer based on the immediate output needs and is operated in a more energy-efficient manner. Additionally, the control system optimizes chiller performance by modulating chiller usage, which allows for increased production. As a result,
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