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Data Centers
Safeguarding big data is a big deal for global companies and organizations. From site assessment and technology contracting to fire/safety and optimization, our comprehensive approach means you don’t have to be up at night worrying about risks. It’s a backup plan that can’t miss.

Delivering Optimum Solutions

With an estimated 50 billion connected devices in play by 2020, businesses are faced with an urgent need to store and protect data.  Add to that economic fluctuations, organizational growth, new applications and cloud computing – and it’s a lot to manage.

Enter Johnson Controls. Whether traditional or modular construction, operations and maintenance, or any level of support in between, we’re ready to help develop an optimum data center solution – reliable, efficient, cost-effective – for one location or many.  It’s a solution that provides the control, flexibility and security required to manage escalating volumes of data.

We leverage more than 130 years of history in building efficiency and the deepest construction expertise in the industry. On top of that, we have experience operating hundreds of data centers and numerous other critical facilities across the world. 

We’re your guide through all phases of the data center lifecycle.

Building Wide System Integration

There’s a better way to construct a smarter, more optimized and efficient data center: involve Johnson Controls from the concept through design phases.

By inviting us to help make informed, data-driven decisions early in the process, we’re better able to deliver energy, technology and operational objectives. Our proven, early-engagement design assist services provide a structured, interactive process that helps get projects off the ground.

First things first. We quickly assess and prioritize technology and investments, creating a path for tackling the most important needs of the organization with the most impact.

Integrated systems provide better interoperability, so data centers run more efficiently – and investments grow in value. Technology Contracting™ is our integrated project delivery process. We act as the single point of responsibility for managing the design, delivery, commissioning and ongoing service of all converged technology.

Data centers are designed to maximize equipment reliability and uptime, energy and operational efficiency and security.
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