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Federal Government
It’s the patriotic thing to do: Keep the country safe and prosperous. We can help through building and infrastructure improvements.  Federal agencies turn to Johnson Controls to reduce expenses, so funds can be focused on meeting the mission – from defense to agriculture.
Deliver on Demanding Requirements

No matter the department, federal government workers are focused on meeting a mission. At the same time, the citizens of every country depend on Federal leaders to wisely use public funds.

Do both! With innovative infrastructure improvements – often funded through utility bill savings – please elected officials and taxpayers alike.

The operational opportunities are tremendous. Lowering government energy bills. Reducing water consumption. Reporting greenhouse gas emissions. Measuring demand on electric utility systems.

Just as important are the economic benefits. Jobs created to implement strategies. Establishing a market for efficient products and services.  Improved employee productivity. Protecting assets.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced personnel, with a wide range of security clearances, is focused to deliver on demanding requirements. On-site program offices understand the local conditions, regulations, suppliers and small business alliances and help drive mission success.
Proven Funding Mechanisms

We help improve infrastructure and buildings and provide a return on investment through various funding sources. Our team of experts will help determine the best contracting vehicle to accomplish your mission.

Johnson Controls holds several pre-competed U.S. Government Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity contracts. Some already are models throughout North America and may be adapted to other government needs.

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts provide new equipment and operational improvements with payback guaranteed through utility savings.
  • GSA Federal Supply Schedules include thousands of valuable products and services to meet your facility’s needs.
  • Utility Monitoring and Control System contracts provide the details to drive your mission success through better building operations.

Our extensive federal government experience in the U.S. and throughout the world, combined with our management and technical capabilities, makes Johnson Controls uniquely qualified to serve. 

Investing in Federal facilities and infrastructure promotes economic growth by attracting more businesses and jobs and sends a positive message to elected officials and the public
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